Our team of developers, operators and architects are trained in translating our specialized knowledge of Oracle and JD Edwards into the AWS environment. This unique capability enables us to assist you with designing and moving your ERP investments into AWS seamlessly. We work with you to determine the right path and method of migration following AWS’ “6 R’s” strategy of retire, retain, re-host, re-platform, re-purchase and re-factor. This is the first step in a very detailed methodology (AWS Cloud Adoption Framework (AWS CAF)) for assisting you in your organization's journey to the cloud. The AWS CAF divides your path of migration into manageable chunks with a custom roadmap that is aligned with your organization's needs.


JD Edwards in AWS

We architect your Oracle or JD Edwards platform using tools provided by AWS to ensure that your solution is reliable, scalable and secure. On top of that, we can enhance your migration with ongoing management and support so you know that your ERP is highly available with a complete and tested disaster recovery plan. Our experience in implementing elasticity at all tiers is tried and tested. It ensures that you only pay for what you use. When your usage increases, then so does the compute power.


Unmatched experience

We have created a number of referenceable architectures available as cloud formations. These formations, like a template, help administrators manage and provision AWS resources to significantly reduce implementation time. For example, our cloud formation for JD Edwards 9.2 can be installed in less than 1 hour. We are pioneering JD Edwards in AWS by taking part in a number of large implementations.